Ted Swiatek, artist in various media, was born in Poland in 1957. His love for art coupled with a tremendous talent for creating it was very apparent since childhood. His passion for art and constant devotion to it flourished as he took private lessons in carving, painting, sculpting, jewelry making, portrait sketching, and artistic work in metal. For years, his unique work was shown in many art exhibitions in Poland.
After his move to Canada, he perfected his art form and developed many new techniques using clay, ceramics and wood. His studies and practice involve abstract and realistic woodcarving, creating three dimensional art reliefs, portrait busts, painting and molding. Most of his work is based on real life experiences and observations. His challenge to himself is to constantly develop new techniques and originality in his work and even the most casual observer can see the superb workmanship and unique attention to detail in everything he creates.
He is a member of Canadian Sculpture Society, and also Ontario Wood Carvers
Association www.ontariowoodcarvers.com




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