Ted Swiatek was born in Poland in 1957. His love for art along with artistic talent was easily noticed since childhood. As a child Ted possessed a large amount of imagination that he used in his everyday life. He first started carving in potatoes and soaps: he also constructed his own toys. In grade school Ted painted his first painting, for which he received a first place in a contest that was open to all students. His passion and constant devotion for art continued as he took private lessons in carving, painting, sculpting, jewelry, making, portrait sketching, and artistic work in metal.
He was also interested and spend a large amount of time in writing poetry, poster making/ designing and window displays for stores. For years Ted took part in many art exhibitions in Poland.
After moving to Canada, he has perfected his art form and also developed many techniques using clay, ceramics and wood. His studies and practice involve abstract and portrait busts, painting and molding. Most of Ted’s work is based on real life experience and observations. His challenge is to constantly develop new techniques and originality in his work.





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